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Check Out Jon Corippo Webinar on “Different Homework” #obiwancorippo

Check Out Jon Corippo Webinar on “Different Homework” #obiwancorippo

Jon Corippo

YouTube video

One of the most innovative educators I know, Jon Corippo, has agreed to share his ideas on homework and how we can look at different types of homework assignments. Jon is always entertaining and fun, this should be good.

Jon’s Blurb

Research shows that homework doesn’t raise grades. In fact, I would argue the reason that kids dislike school is more about HOMEWORK than classwork. So, do we NEED homework? Or do we assign homework just because it “feels” like we are supposed to? Jon Corippo will help de-mystify when we shouldn’t OR should give homework and share some ideas for what this can look like in your classroom.

Thank you to Jon Corippo

CLICK HERE to link to the Google Hangout event with recording.


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