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Signing into Google Accounts – No Gmail.com Necessary

Signing into Google Accounts – No Gmail.com Necessary

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When I sign into Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, set up a Google Account on my tablet or phone, etc… I do NOT include the @gmail.com in my email address.

If you have a Google Apps domain or something other than @gmail.com you DO have to include the entire email address when signing in.

3 thoughts on “Signing into Google Accounts – No Gmail.com Necessary

  1. This is something I wish Google would reconsider. Until a year or so ago, there was a portal page you could use for students to log in without using the entire email address in a GAFE account. I wish they would provide that capability again. The biggest hurdle my second graders have is typing our long and difficult student domain name. With the portal they had in the past it was not an issue.

    1. Might be worth a conversation to have a shorter student domain. Now that trusted domains is coming, the students could be on a shorter domain name.

      1. I will have to bring it up. I’ve been watching the trusted domains feature for action. It was announced in March and they said it would be implemented over the next few months. We could easily purchase a new student domain and add it as a trusted domain. One big question for me is how students in the existing domain would handle the switch. I guess the process of domain name change could be done at the DNS level rather than trying to transfer accounts?

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