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KeyTips: Hold Down SHIFT When Pressing Enter (Return)

KeyTips: Hold Down SHIFT When Pressing Enter (Return)

Shift Enter

This keytip can be very useful in several contexts. Try holding down shift when you press the enter key (return key on the Mac) to see what happens.

Space after the Paragraph

Here in WordPress if I press the enter key there is space after the paragraph.

Notice the gap between the sentence above and this sentence.

If you want the next line to be right underneath the current line you will want to

This trick works in WordPress, Moodle and many other Web 2.0 products.

Bullet Points

When making a bullet point list you sometimes want to include a picture or additional information within the same bullet. Holding down the shift key will take you to the next line but NOT create an another bullet.

  • This is my first bullet item.
  • I pressed enter and started my second bullet item.
  • This is my third bullet item.
    I held down shift to add this sentence.
    I held down shift again to add this to the 3rd item also.
  • This time I did not hold down shift. Notice the 4th bullet point.
  • If I want to add a picture my trick is to use shift enter to ensure the picture is below the text.
    shift return
  • Place the cursor to the right of the image and press enter to obtain another bullet point.

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