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Outlook Users: Email a Group of People From a Spreadsheet List

Outlook Users: Email a Group of People From a Spreadsheet List
Image from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outlook_Web_App
Image from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outlook_Web_App

Recently a friend messaged me telling me she is using Outlook and wanted to know how to take a column of email addresses in a spreadsheet and use it in the “To” line of the compose email. In Gmail, you can paste the list of email addresses directly from the spreadsheet column into the “To.” Outlook however requires a comma to separate each email address.

The Template


Make a copy of the template.

List of Email Addresses

I left columns A and B blank on the spreadsheet in case you wanted to list the persons name, but this is not necessary to utilize the spreadsheet.

In column C type the email address of each person. One per cell.

Appended Emails

As you type in email addresses the cell next to the last email address you type in will contain the complete list of email addresses appended together with a comma.


Click on this cell that contains the collection of email addresses. Use Control C to copy the list of email addresses. Place your cursor in the “To” line of your Outlook email and use Control V to paste the list.

copy the bottom cell




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