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Google Sites: Create a Click Here Button in 5 Easy Steps

Google Sites: Create a Click Here Button in 5 Easy Steps

One thing I strongly advocate is a well organized website that contains a daily detailing of what goes on in the classroom that day along with any resources and directions the students will need. I find that I am frequently typing “CLICK HERE” to have the students link to a Google Form or something.   The words “Click Here” can get lost in the text of directions. One way to make this more obvious for students is to create a “Click Here” button. Then it stands out.

Step 1

Create an image. I created mine in Google Draw and downloaded it as a PNG image. It is important that you choose PNG since this maintains the transparency where you do not intend for there to be the button. png download


Alternatively you can download pre-made click here buttons. Try http://clker.com


Step 2

In Google Sites choose to insert an image. Browse for the PNG file you downloaded.

Step 3

Click on the inserted image, a properties bar will appear over the image. change You may want to resize the image by clicking on S, M or L if your button was too large.

Step 4

Notice the image link goes to the image itself. Click on “Change” next to the image link.

Step 5

Delete out the URL under “Link to this URL:” Replace the link with what you want the button to link to. In my case I linked to a Google Form. You may want to check the “open this link in a new window” check box.  open in a new window

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