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My Google Doc Lost the Bullets Icon

My Google Doc Lost the Bullets Icon

I like to use bullets in my documents. Sometimes the bullets icon is missing from the toolbar. In Google the WYSIWYG toolbar shows as many icons as the width of your window has room. The rest are stuffed into a “More” button.

Widen the Browser Window

One way to view all of the icons in the toolbar is to have a wider browser window. This is easy on my 27″ iMac, but not so much on my 13″ MacBook Air. Especially with a laptop there is only so much screen width available.

Look Under More

The list of icons stay in the same order. If you make the browser window skinnier then more icons will be hidden in the “More” button. Since the order does not change hopefully it should be easy to locate the icon you are looking for.
 Notice once you click on the “More” button the options stay open, acting as a second row. Click on the “More” button again to hide the extra icons.

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