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Sharing Google Forms

I use Google Forms a lot.  They are extremely useful for collecting information and having students submit work.  Anything I make that is working for me I like to share on my blog or twitter with other teachers who may want to try it out.  With the legacy Google Forms there was only one document to share, however, with the new Google Forms there is the Form which is separate from the spreadsheet of data.

Unfortunately there is not an option to share the form without giving editing rights.  Ideally I would like to share the form with view only rights so that strangers or colleagues could make a copy for themselves and use it as is appropriate for them.  Clearly I do not want the teacher next door to have her students quiz scores or project submissions mixed in with mine.

The workaround is detailed in the presentation embedded above.  You want to make sure you make a copy of your destination spreadsheet so that you are not accidentally sharing confidential student information or results with others.

Basically you make a copy of the destination spreadsheet, make sure the copy does not have data in the spreadsheet.  Share the copy.  Others make a copy of the spreadsheet and then use the Forms menu in the spreadsheet to view or edit the Form.

The advantage to doing this is if your response destination has formulas or is organized with multiple tabs the people who make copies of your Form will not only have the Form but how the spreadsheet is set up.  You also only have to share one document even though Google Forms now has the Form separate from the spreadsheet.

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