I try to live in Google Docs and just use work arounds.  It is better to be able to collaborate and have all of my stuff in Google Drive than to have the bells and whistles of some of the other productivity software.  One thing that is particularly challenging to give up is 2 column layout.  I’m fairly certain Google will have 2 column layout at some point in the future, but for now I have to do a work around.

One way I do this is to create a 2×1 table and use table properties to make it invisible to give the illusion of 2 columns. However, up until now I have not been able to get side by side tables.

The trick is to do a table within a table.

Step 1: Create a 2×1 table

Step 2: In the left hand side of the 2×1 table insert the table you really want.

Step 3: In the right hand side of the 2×1 table insert the table you really want.

Step 4:  Put your cursor within the first table but not within the 2 tables inside.

Step 5: Right  click and choose table properties

Step 6: Change the table border from black to white (it is the 10th option and it does not look like an option since it is white)

This makes the 1st table invisible and leaving only the 2 tables you inserted as side by side.

Link to the Google Doc sample


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