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Student Video Mash Up with YouTube

Student Video Mash Up with YouTube

In a previous post I wrote about how students can upload directly to the teachers YouTube account.  Once the student videos are in the class YouTube channel the teacher (or a student) can use the YouTube video editor to create a video mash up of the students videos.  This video can be shown to the class to make all students a star when there is not time to show all of the student videos.

Step 1: Go to class YouTube account.

Step 2: Click on the arrow next to the word “Upload” and choose Video Manager

Step 3: Mark the student videos as creative commons.
Check mark the videos and from the drop down list choose Creative Commons.

Step 4: Click on one of the student videos.  Under the video is the option to remix the video.

Step 5: The YouTube video editor will show your videos you labeled as a creative commons license.

Step 6: Click on the video in the timeline at the bottom

Step 7: When you hover over the video in the timeline it will show some editing options. Be careful not to click on those options. Click below the options bar.  This will generate bars on the side. Grab the bars on the side to drag left or right depending on the side to shorten the length of the video.  Suggestion for approximately 5-10 seconds per student video.

Step 8: Drag videos from the video grid down to the timeline

Step 9: Grab the silver bars on the side and drag in to edit the video clip to a few seconds.

Step 10: Repeat, dragging in all of the student videos and trimming them to a few seconds each.

Step 11: Add transitions by clicking on the transitions icon.   The icon is located above the video grid.

Step 12: Drag down the transitions to the video timeline and dragging them between the video clips.

Step 13: Optionally you may want to add an audio track to the video mash up. Click on the music icon above the video grid.

Step 14: Drag one of the music selections below the video timeline down at the bottom.

Step 15: On the bottom right hand side is a slider to favor the music over the audio track or vice versa.

Step 16: In the upper right you can name the mash up video.  Click Publish.  The mash up is added to your video library.  Access the video in your Video Manager.

Note: This makes a copy of the videos, it does not edit the original student videos.

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