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Table of Contents for your Google Collections

Table of Contents for your Google Collections

If you are interested in knowing how to create a table of contents for your Google docs here is a tutorial file I made: goo.gl/k4MJ3

The table of contents is a great way to reference your key parts of a document, but what about for a folder for your Google Docs?

I create a folder that I share with others to collaborate, but how do I organize those documents within the folder?

One solution is to create a document and name it “Folder Directory” or something along those lines.  In the Google document you would list the title all of the files that are in the folder along with a description.

Open each document in the collection and get the document URL. Go back to the Folder Directory, highlight the title of the document, click the link icon and link to that document.

This way when a collaborator goes to look at the folder they have a document that will help them know what order they should view the documents in as well as a description of each.

From now on I will create a document directory in each folder that has several files . I will then open the document directory each time I go to a folder and use the descriptions and order of importance listed to help me be a better consumer of my own files.

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