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Google Makes Me Talk to Myself

Google Makes Me Talk to Myself

I am doing some academic writing on a Google doc and realized that I was making a significant amount of comments within the document.  (Insert->Comment). The comments were pondering how I might develop that thought, or move the writing to another section, or refer back to an author. Who am I saying these comments to? Well, myself of course. Then I realized… I am talking to myself!!!  I am so in the habit of collaborating that I find that even when I am working with myself I need to collaborate with myself and I make myself notes and then build off those notes. Crazy to brainstorm with yourself… probably, but it does work.

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Innovative Strategies Beyond PEMDAS for Deepening Number Sense

   💥Do you HAVE to go left to right?
   💥Can we START with exponents?
   💥How can we build student confidence in mathematics?
   💥How can we get past PEMDAS?
  💥How can technology support students building number sense?

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