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WordPress and the iPad

I have been using the WordPress App for the iPad and really enjoy using it.  I use it for 2 things 1) FAQ website for my students and 2) Student digital portfolios.

I created a free wordpress account on and posted the link on my class website.

I love that I can take pictures with my iPad (or iPhone) and insert the picture directly into the site. When I write on the board and take notes, or if a student has a particularly good work sample, I take a picture within the WordPress app and post it right on there.  Notes are instantly on the web for students to look at.

If a student asks a question showing they did not fully understand the lesson I like to blog about it to my WordPress app also.  Probably they are not the only student with that question and students from other periods would benefit from the response.

I can create YouTube videos directly from the iPad, so I can video a solution to a problem, upload to YouTube and insert the link right into the app.  (note you do NOT need embed code for YouTube video, just paste the link and when you publish it automatically will embed).

If you have an iPad roll out students can also have a wordpress blog and post all of their work to the WordPress.  I then have them turn in the permalink from each of their postings instead of turning in paper.  Makes grading much easier!




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