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Paperless Is Not a Pedagogy

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This morning I got a tweet from LiveScribe promoting my blog. While I appreciate the love from LiveScribe, believe me the love flows greatly the other direction. I have been using my LiveScribe pen for many years and students frequently tell me how much they appreciate it when I post my LiveScribe “movies.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the smart pen, it is no less than magical. I use LiveScribes special paper (notebooks are comparable in price to regular spiral notebooks) and it records my pen movements and what I say into a movie.  Even more amazing is that it knows what page I am on so if I open my notebook I can tap on anything I’ve written and the audio for what I was saying at that moment I wrote it starts up.

By posting the notes via LiveScribe on my website students can not only get a copy of the notes, they can hear and see me explain it, and even the student can click on the virtual ink to start the explanation at that moment.  Very powerful.

Best part is how EASY it is to use and share the recordings.



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