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Minecraft: How to Use NPC’s to Teleport

In Minecraft Education Edition you can teleport students to another location by using NPC's. Alice Keeler shows you how to use NPC's to Teleport in Minecraft
how to use NPC's to teleport in Minecraft.
Minecraft: How to Use NPC’s to Teleport
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In Minecraft Education Edition there are several features that are unique. One of those features are NPC’s: Non Player Characters. You can place NPC’s around the world to provide the student with information or web links. NPC can also act as a command block. When students click on the NPC they can be teleported to another location. Here is how to use NPC’s to teleport in Minecraft.

Screenshot from education.minecraft.net of World War I lesson 1 of 5
Try out this Minecraft Education Edition Lesson that uses NPC’s to teleport students to different parts of the lesson.

Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft Education Edition, M:EE, is a version of Minecraft specifically designed for schools. It can be installed on PC’s, Chromebooks, or iPads. Teachers can use M:EE to create interactive lessons and experiences for students to increase student engagement and learning.

Adding NPC’s

NPC’s are “Non Player Characters.” These are stationary “people” in the game that students can click on to obtain textual information, link to a website, or interact with action commands.

World Builder

To add an NPC to your world you will need to toggle World Builder to true.

Tap the slash key (/) and type /wb

You should notice that the messages indicate that “World Builder status updated to true.”

NPC Spawn Egg

You will need to be in Creative mode to add NPC’s. I often time switch to Survival mode on Peaceful before I distribute to the students. However, while I am building the activity I am in Creative mode. Press E for inventory to access the materials. Search for NPC to add the NPC spawn egg to your hot bar.

NPC Spawn Egg 
how to use NPC's to Teleport in Minecraft

Placing NPC Spawn Eggs

You must have World Builder set to true in order to place an NPC.

With the spawn egg in your hand, right click to place it on the ground. With World Builder set to true, right click on the NPC to modify the NPC settings. The default name above the NPC is “NPC.” Change it to “Directions” or whatever works within the lesson. Click on “Edit Dialog” to set the note that the student reads

Non Player Character Advanced settings for how to use NPC's to Teleport in Minecraft

Advanced Settings

Click on Advanced Settings to go beyond the NPC being a sign post for students.

Advanced NPC settings in Minecraft Education edition to add a URL or Add Command.

Click on “Add URL” to link to a digital quiz or other external website.

How to Use NPC’s to Teleport in Minecraft

You need to add a command to the NPC in order to teleport the student to another location. Click on “Add Command.” You will need the X Y Z coordinates of where you want to send the student.

/teleport @p 100 64 18

In the advanced npc settings for commands use the slash command /teleport @p 100 64 18 and turn on button mode to teleport

Start with the slash for the slash command. You want to /teleport. WARNING, you must follow this by @p to indicate to teleport the student PLAYER. Otherwise, the NPC will be teleported. Type in the 3 coordinates for the location to be teleported to.

Select “Button Mode” and type the text that the button will read. This will allow students to read text from the NPC dialog and then click the button to execute the teleportation.

Turn World Builder Off

This is important. Before distributing the world to students, be sure to set World Builder to false. Hit the slash key (/) and type /wb.

Alice Keeler Minecraft YouTube

I have been creating a playlist for my students to help them with using Minecraft Education Edition.

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