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Folderbox Download

If you are wanting a folderbox download look at Google Drive. Here are some tips for getting more out of Google Drive.
Folderbox Download

Who needs Dropbox™ or other file storage tools? Google Drive™ provides you with everything you need to store files. Google Drive even lets you download your files to a folder. My motto is … get it in Drive. If something were to happen to my laptop I would be out of the laptop, but more valuable is all of my work. I would lose practically nothing because I keep all my files in Google Drive. I recently purchased a new Macbook. Did I want to transfer my files over? Nope. I’m good to go with Google Drive.

Teachers and School Google Drive

Your school owns your Google Drive. And then your school owns your Google account. However, if you leave the school it will be challenging to take your files with you, even if they are in Google Drive. Google for Education no longer offers educators unlimited Drive storage. Google files now count against your storage when they previously did not. However, your school account should provide a lot of storage and it is very unlikely your school will run out.

That being said, the school still owns the files. Suggestion to create your tests, worksheets, activities, directions, slides, and other files that do not contain student data in your own personal Google account. Currently, 1 Terabyte of storage on Google Cloud will cost you $1.99 a month. Personally, I have only used a tiny fraction of the 1 TB and I use Google Drive a LOT! You get 15 GB free, and this is combined with your Gmail storage as well. I have exceeded the 15 GB so I do have to purchase more storage, but I have peace of mind that my files are mine and not my employers.

Share a Folder with Yourself

Create a folder in your personal Google Drive and use the sharing permissions to share the folder with your school email account. This will give you access to all the files while at school. Make a habit of creating your files in this folder.

Download Google Drive Folders

You can download Google Drive folders. However, the Google files inside will download as Microsoft™ files. Your Google Docs™ will be .docx files. Your Google Forms™ will not download at all. So it is extra important that you create your Google Forms in your personal account that you own and then share the file with yourself.


Add-ons for Google Docs™, Sheets, Slides, Forms, etc… can be found in the Google Marketplace. This will allow you to add extra functionality to your Google files. Your school may block you from using certain Add-ons. Good news! Your personal account does not block you. By creating files in your personal account and sharing them with your school account you can run and use the Add-ons from your personal

Folderbox Download use Google Drive.

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