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Getting Started with AI! By @Rdene915 @thriveinedu

Getting Started with AI! By @Rdene915 @thriveinedu

Guest Post by Rachelle Dene Poth

As a Spanish and STEAM teacher, I love bringing emerging technologies into my classroom. One area that we spend a lot of time on in my eighth grade course is artificial intelligence. For educators looking to get started with artificial intelligence in the classroom with students or for parents interested in providing opportunities for children to learn about AI, I definitely recommend checking out what is available through AI World School. My students are excited about becoming creators with AI!

Getting Started

There are three AI courses offered by AIWS based on age group. AI Novus is for ages 7 to 10 and provides a step-by-step introduction to AI. AI Primus is for ages 11 to 13 and in this course, it focuses on how everyone can learn AI and explores machine learning and ethics in AI. AI Meritus is for children ages 14 and above, and this course helps students to not only understand AI but also begin building AI and challenging themselves to build a portfolio that demonstrates their knowledge.

For example in AI Novus, it begins with covering the questions such as: 

What is AI? Can AI recognize human emotions? Do machines understand human emotions? What is machine learning? Each module includes videos and challenges and a quiz at the end of each module to check for understanding. With each of the courses, you can get started by trying a free lesson to better experience the types of learning activities that are included.

AIWS Micro Courses and Resources

In addition to these three flagship courses, there are other micro courses available that are divided into the three age groups and with topics ranging from the Five Big Ideas of AI, to creating with Scratch, to building an Android or iOS app, and more advanced for older students with JavaScript and Python.

Why learn about AI?

Many people wonder about the benefits of learning about AI and why bring it into our classrooms? We are interacting with AI everyday and our students need to understand what it is, how it works, the impact that it has on our lives and what AI might mean for the future of work and education. We are able to create the right learning opportunities that spark some curiosity and build skills in these emerging technologies. 

By exploring some of the courses and the free play activities that are available through AI World School, we can help students and ourselves to develop a better understanding of AI and also enjoy learning together.

For anyone looking for an all-in-one space to get started right away with AI and to have access to videos, rich content, additional articles and links for use in our schools, explore AI World School. Start by having students explore the free play activities or try one of the demo lessons yourself.

AI World School is a great space to find the right resources to begin adding AI into your curriculum regardless of what grade level and content area that you teach!  For more information check out AI World School here.

About the Author

Rachelle Dene Poth is an edtech consultant, presenter, attorney, author, and teacher. Rachelle teaches Spanish and STEAM: What’s nExT in Emerging Technology at Riverview High School in Oakmont, PA. Rachelle has a Juris Doctor degree from Duquesne University School of Law and a Master’s in Instructional Technology. She is a Consultant and Speaker, owner of ThriveinEDU LLC Consulting. She is an ISTE Certified Educator and currently serves as the past-president of the ISTE Teacher Education Network and on the Leadership team of the Mobile Learning Network. At ISTE19, she received the Making IT Happen Award and a Presidential Gold Award for volunteer service to education. She is also a Buncee Ambassador, Nearpod PioNear and Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert.

Rachelle is the author of five books, ‘In Other Words: Quotes That Push Our Thinking,” “Unconventional Ways to Thrive in EDU” (EduMatch) and “The Future is Now: Looking Back to Move Ahead,” “Chart A New Course: A Guide to Teaching Essential Skills for Tomorrow’s World” and her newest book, “True Story Lessons That One Kid Taught Us.

Rachelle is a blogger for Getting Smart, Defined Learning, District Administration, NEO LMS, and the  STEM Informer with Newsweek. 

Follow Rachelle on Twitter @Rdene915 and on Instagram @Rdene915. Rachelle has a podcast, ThriveinEDU https://anchor.fm/rdene915

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