I had a request by a premium member that they had one Google Sheets spreadsheet with a tab per teacher to keep track of the daily contacts with students and parents. She wanted to add a column each day with the date to each of the sheets for the spreadsheet.

Authorize the Add-on

After making a copy of the spreadsheet wait about a minute for the code to load. Locate the “Add column” menu that shows up next to the help menu. Choose “Authorize Add-on.” I have personally coded this Add-on, it is safe. I have NOT submitted it to Google. If you get a warning that Google has not reviewed it, that would be because I did not ask them to.

Choose “Add”

Choose “Add” from the “Add Column” menu. This will prompt you “What column title would you like to send to each sheet?” Type whatever column header you want to show up on each sheet in your spreadsheet.

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