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Strike It Off! Easily Cross Out Items in Google Sheets with Checkboxes

Have a list in Google Sheets™? Want to cross off list items as you complete them? Here is how to have google sheets checkbox strikethrough.
google sheets checkbox strikethrough
Strike It Off! Easily Cross Out Items in Google Sheets with Checkboxes

As a teacher, you might often find yourself managing checklists for various tasks and student activities. Google Sheets offers a powerful feature that can simplify this process: the Google Sheets Checkbox Strikethrough. This tool allows you to visually cross out items on your list as you complete them, enhancing your productivity and organization.

Setting Up Your Google Sheets for Checkbox Strikethrough

To begin, you’ll want to insert checkboxes into your spreadsheet. After opening your Google Sheets, highlight the range of cells or click on the column indicator where you want your checkboxes to appear. Navigate to the ‘Insert’ menu and select ‘Checkboxes’. This action turns your selected cells into interactive checkboxes, setting the stage for the Google Sheets Checkbox Strikethrough feature.

Screenshot GIF of highlighting cells and using the insert menu to insert checkboxes for Google Sheets Checkbox Strikethrough

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Applying Conditional Formatting for Strikethrough

Once you have your checkboxes in place, it’s time to highlight the list you wish to cross out when a checkbox is checked. Right-click and choose ‘Conditional Formatting’. This opens a side panel where you’ll make the necessary adjustments to enable the Google Sheets Checkbox Strikethrough.

Check that the range you want the strikethrough applied to is displayed under “Apply to range.”

Format Rules

Change the default setting from “Cell is not empty” to “Custom formula is.” This adjustment allows you to specify the condition for the strikethrough feature.

Crafting the Custom Formula

The custom formula can be quite tricky. Notice the “Value or formula” box under the selection of “Custom formula is” to enter your formula.

Screenshot of Google sheets conditional formatting of custom formula is

You’ll use double equals signs for your custom formula. Start your formula with an equals sign, then write the expression you’d typically write in a cell. In this scenario, you want to check if the value in cell A2 is true (i.e., if the checkbox is checked). A checked checkbox has a value of true, while an unchecked one has a value of false.

Your formula will look like this: 


Screenshot of custom formula in the sidebar for conditional formatting for Google Sheets Checkbox Strikethrough

Testing Your Google Sheets Checkbox Strikethrough

Now that you’ve set everything up, it’s time to test your Google Sheets Checkbox Strikethrough. Simply check the checkboxes in column A. If everything is set up correctly, you should see the values in the adjacent column B get struck through automatically. It’s a satisfying way to track progress and keep your lists organized.


AI generated image of teacher at a checklist computer

Add Strikethrough to Your Toolbox

For teachers managing multiple tasks and keeping track of student progress, the Google Sheets Checkbox Strikethrough feature can be a game-changer. It not only makes your lists more visually appealing but also enhances your productivity by providing clear visual cues for completed tasks. With this simple yet effective tutorial, you’re now equipped to incorporate this feature into your daily routine, making list management in Google Sheets more dynamic and efficient.

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