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Teach Math Remotely with GeoGebra

Teach Math Remotely with GeoGebra

Guest Blog post by Tim Brzezinski

Recently, many districts have announced plans that require teachers to facilitate some level of remote instruction. If this is the case for you, you don’t need to stress! Your virtual math class can be fully engaging, student-centered, and discovery-based with using GeoGebra. Even better: You don’t need tech-expertise to do this. With GeoGebra, you can put your students at the driver’s seat of their math learning experience: even in virtual learning environments!

Get Started with Remotely Teaching Math

Join me, Tim Brzezinski, and Alice Keeler for learning how GeoGebra can help you to start off the school year remotely. Daily Alice and I are going to go through getting started with remote teaching. We are going to be live streaming using StreamYard to Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope (Twitter).

YouTube video

Weekdays 11am PST/2pm EST

  • Challenges with Teaching Math Remotely (Introductory Discussion) – TUES 7/28
  • What is GeoGebra? How can GeoGebra help teachers empower their students to learn math? – WED JULY 29
  • Finding and Exploring GeoGebra Resources for students with different ability levels – THURS JULY 30
  • Virtually engage students and monitor all progress in real-time! Intro to GeoGebra Classroom – FRI JULY 31
  • Assign GeoGebra activities in Google Classroom and embed in other LMS’s: Yes, it’s that easy! MON AUG 3 same time
  • Quickly copy and edit activities of others: Edit and tailor to your students’ learning needs TUES AUG 4
  • Build your own custom activity for your students: It’s easier than you think! WED AUG 5
  • Explore GeoGebra Notes (math analogue of Google Slides) THURS AUG 6
  • Explore GeoGebra Calculator Suite and Graphing Calculator Apps – FRI AUG 7
  • Explore GeoGebra Geometry app – MON AUG 10
  • Explore GeoGebra 3D Calculator – TUES AUG 11

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