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5 Ways Kahoot Supports Distance Learning

5 Ways Kahoot! Supports distance learning
5 Ways Kahoot Supports Distance Learning
5 Ways Kahoot! Supports distance learning

Kahoot Brings Fun to Distance Learning

We all know gamification works, kids will run to class and poke each other in the eye to do a Kahoot.

This is my long standing joke I’ve said for years. Now we are in the position of having class online and we want kids running to learning even when it’s virtual. Student engagement matters for learning.

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1. Pre-Made Kahoots

You can not convert your entire curriculum to digital overnight. And why should you? Your first step is to take advantage of what is already out there.

If you need to customize the Kahoot, use the 3 dots to duplicate the activity.

If you need to customize the Kahoot, use the 3 dots to duplicate the activity.

2. Self Paced Challenges

Click Play and create a “Challenge.”

Create a challenge in Kahoot

Kahoot let’s you give the students almost a month to complete the challenge. Challenges work on the web! Alternatively, students can use the iOS or Android app.

students complete a game at their own pace viewing questions and answers for their devices
Note: Personalized learning features only work on the app, however this does not hinder original play, just personalized follow up for mastery.

Share the Link

Click on “Copy” to copy the link and post to where you’re sharing information digitally with students. Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams users can share directly to the platform.

Kahoot Challenge

3. Video Conference a Live Kahoot

I have learned over the years that I am not as interesting as I think I am 🙂 Teaching in person and teaching online is a totally different skill set. I’ve been doing some webinars lately and even though I have years of practice doing this infrequently I am still awkward and having challenges. I feel like it’s my first week of teaching ever.

Adding Kahoots to your live sessions with students via video is a great way to incorporate interactivity and fun.

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4. Student Created

“I would rather hit myself in the head with a brick than open up 30 Google Docs.”

Personally, I try to avoid assigning myself paperwork. It’s time consuming to open individual documents and I want to really target my time effectively. So I choose wisely what I assign and evaluate if it would result in a LOT more learning if it was individual documents. If not, I try to assign something else.

Instead of having students fill out things on a document that I have to open, ask them instead to CREATE an assessment of their own. Then have the students take each other’s Kahoot’s. This provides so many benefits including the benefit of student ownership of their work.

5. Collaborate with Other Teachers

If you try to go this remote learning thing alone you will probably cry, I would. I have a masters degree in Educational Media Design and Technology and even I would not be fully prepared to switch my class over to distance learning overnight. The silver lining on this whole situation is seeing how teachers are pulling together and sharing resources. This is how we get this done, TOGETHER!

For a limited time Kahoot! Premium is FREE

With Kahoot! Pro and Premium, teachers can use a team space with other teachers in their school. Here, they can co-create, edit, and share kahoots.
They can create a school-wide vault of awesome kahoots that any teacher at their school can use.

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