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CHECK the Conditional Formatting

Check the Formatting Google Sheets
CHECK the Conditional Formatting
Check the formatting google sheets

Color Code Your Google Sheets with a Checkbox

I like to joke that the greatest invention of my lifetime is checkboxes in Google Sheets. They are SO EASY! Use the Insert menu and choose checkbox. Boom! Now when you check that checkbox, you want something to happen. How about cells light up?!

Checking checkboxes to highlight a column in Google Sheets


Highlight Range of Cells

Insert some checkboxes into your Google Sheets spreadsheet and then highlight the cells you want to format when the checkbox is checked.

Format Menu

Go to the Format menu and choose “Conditional Formatting.”

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Custom Formula

In the sidebar for conditional format rules change the format rules to “Custom formula is.”

Custom formula is


The custom formula starts with an equals sign. The statement to check for is A2 = true … assuming that A2 contains the checkbox. Notice this is a DOUBLE equals sign.


Choose the formatting for the custom formula =A2=true

10 thoughts on “CHECK the Conditional Formatting

  1. Love it! A great template to quickly utilize the power of conditional formatting. I introduced a number of our teachers to conditional formatting to highlight missing assignments and to colour code mark ranges in their gradebooks. A big help in quickly sorting through large numbers of marks.

  2. I love this! I am creating a doc with 3 columns of checkboxes. I want when I click the box in column C it Changes the checkbox in column D to red. How can I format it so that when I check column D the red disappears? Thank you in advance!

  3. I can’t get this to work for a range of cells, only a single cell. My checkbox is in A2, my range is B2:EV2. However, when the box is checked, only B2 highlights.

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