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Snagit: Screen Capture and GIF Maker

Make Screenshots GIF's and Video with Snagit

I use Snagit every single day! EVERY DAY! It is how I take my screenshots for my blog, my books, tutorials, and student feedback. I can blur out elements of the screenshot (like student names), add text over the image. Get a discount on Snagit if you are an educator.

Save with Educator Pricing on TechSmith

One thing I use every day and can not live without is Snagit. Snagit allows you to take screenshots, annotate the screenshots, screen record video, and wicked easy create animated GIF’s. The screenshots in my books and on my blog are from Snagit.

10% Off

Disclaimer, I receive a commission on anyone using the links below. I asked for a link for the purpose of discounting. Since they only do this through affiliate links I am posting those below:

Snagit Educator Pricing

This pricing is a one time fee, NOT a subscription. Regular price is $49.95. With the additional 10% off of educator pricing your price is a one time cost of $26.95.

Camtasia Educator Pricing

While Snagit will allow you to light video editing, use Camtasia to do more robust video editing. Regular price is $249. With the additional 10% off of educator pricing your one time cost is only $152.10.

Link for discounted educator pricing on Camtasia


Save even more when you bundle and purchase both Snagit and Camtasia together. Total price together is $170.10

Link for bundle pricing

Site License

The individual educator pricing is pretty amazing especially considering it is a one time fee. However, I really feel like all teachers NEED Snagit! As we are using digital tools, screenshots and video are an essential part of our teaching arsenal. Site licensing for Snagit gets the price per teacher down under $20! I would pressure your administrator to get all the teachers at your site a copy of Snagit.

Anyone who is interested in a site license should fill out this form: site licenses can not be purchased through the online store:

In the comments of that form, include my discount code so that TechSmith knows it’s a contact from me CODE: MRSKEELER10. The only thing is that you wouldn’t qualify for an extra 10% off site pricing because site licenses are already deeply discounted. But the discount on site is way more than 10% anyway so hopefully that will work ok.

One Click GIF

Notice in the animation above how I did a short screen recording of Google Slides. Then with ONE CLICK in Snagit it turns it into an animated GIF which I literally just DRAGGED here into this blog post.

When creating directions documents in Google Docs or Slides I include screenshots and GIF animations by literally DRAGGING from Snagit onto the Google Doc. Instantly there is a little video in my directions document to show students how to interact with the digital tool I am having them use. This saves countless precious classroom instructional minutes. I can not live without this!

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