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Teachers’ Top Ten – Christmas Gifts We Want!

Holiday Gifts for Teachers
Teachers’ Top Ten – Christmas Gifts We Want!

All We Want for Christmas – A Teachers’ Top Ten List

Compiled by Erin Whalen

Contemplating a Christmas gift for your child’s teacher? You don’t need a crystal ball. Here is a top ten list, as suggested by teachers, of holiday wish list items. Happy shopping!

10. Personalized Items –  A notepad that says “From the desk of…”, a nice journal with a monogram, a personalized lunch tote, etc. When it comes to gifting, personalized items add a touch of thoughtfulness and uniqueness that can truly make a recipient feel special. Whether it’s a custom-engraved pen set for a colleague, a photo album filled with cherished memories for a loved one, or a monogrammed bathrobe for a close friend, personalized gifts have the power to create lasting impressions. The beauty of these gifts lies in the attention to detail, as they reflect the recipient’s individuality and show that you went the extra mile to select something tailored specifically to them. From birthdays to anniversaries, holidays to celebrations, personalized gifts not only make the occasion memorable but also demonstrate the depth of your affection and care.

9. Hawaiian shirt – For teachers who have made a lasting impact, surprise them with a personalized gift that captures their unique personality and interests. Adding a touch of personalization can make the gift even more special. Consider gifting them a custom face hawaiian shirt, showcasing their vibrant and fun-loving spirit. With a design tailored specifically to their taste, the custom face Hawaiian shirt will not only bring a smile to their face but also serve as a memorable and cherished keepsake. It’s a gift that allows them to express their individuality while enjoying the laid-back and tropical vibes of a Hawaiian shirt.

8. Bobbleheads – A unique and fun gift option for teachers could be custom bobbleheads. These can be personalized to look like the teacher, with options to add in details like the teacher’s favorite sports team or hobby. Not only is it a creative gift idea, but it’s also a great way to show appreciation for the teacher’s hard work and dedication throughout the school year.

7. Snacks – Whether for the teacher who didn’t have time for lunch or for a hungry student, it’s always good to have a stash of snacks available in the classroom (preferably healthier ones than pictured below!).

6. Mani/Pedi/Spa Gift Cards – Who doesn’t love to relax at the spa? And a teacher on Christmas break definitely deserves some R&R!


5. Books for the Classroom – This is a no-brainer. Every classroom needs books! Scholastic gift cards work well here.

4. Classroom Supplies – Pencils, dry erase markers, tissues, paper towels, crayons… These are always useful and appreciated!

3. Wine and Chocolate – No explanation necessary.


2. Restaurant Gift Cards – Teachers work hard. And we all know they don’t get paid nearly what they are worth. Treat your child’s teacher to a dinner out. They will love you for it.

1. Amazon or Target Gift Cards – These may get spent on items for the teacher but they are likely to be spent on items for the classroom. Either way, teachers definitely feel appreciated when they receive gift cards to awesome retailers such as Amazon and Target.

Starbucks Gift Cards – A caffeinated teacher is a happy teacher, right?! Spread holiday cheer with gift cards to Starbucks or your local coffee shop. Happy teachers = happy kids!


And on Top… drum roll please…

Notes from the Students – This is not a joke. Teachers cherish hand-written notes of appreciation from their students. All the gift cards I received as a teacher are appreciated but also long gone. The notes I have from students are gifts I still have and gifts that always bring a smile to my face. They are well worth the time and effort and appreciation is the best gift you can give!

Any of the above items will let your child’s teacher know that you notice the hard work and effort they put into teaching and caring for your child each day. Thank you for supporting teachers at the holidays and year-round!

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