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Get Google Certified with @shakeuplearning

shake up learning
Get Google Certified with @shakeuplearning

shake up learning

Shake Up Learning Wants to Help YOU Get Google Certified!

Guest blog post by Kasey Bell

Have you thought about getting Google Certified? Whether you are brand new to using Google in the classroom, or a seasoned expert, I can help you reach you Google Certification goals.

Summer is the perfect time for some professional learning!

Getting Google certified was absolutely one of the best decisions I ever made. It completely changed my outlook on learning, my professional learning network, my skills, and took my career to a new level.

Now I want to help YOU! I want to help as many educators as I can reach their goals and become Google Certified!

What Are the Certification Options?

There are four educational certifications offered by Google:

Google Certified Educator Level 1

Designed for classroom teachers with beginning to intermediate skills.

Get FREE Level 1 Resources.

Google Certified Educator Level 2

Designed for classroom teachers with intermediate to advanced skills. (You do not have to be a classroom teacher to qualify.)

Get FREE Level 2 Resources.

Google Certified Trainer

Designed for those who deliver training and professional learning to educators. This certification requires Level 1, Level 2, the Trainer Skills Assessment, and has very specific application requirements. 

Get FREE Trainer Resources.

Google Certified Innovator

This certification is the most competitive and is for innovative thought leaders in education, who apply to attend a 2-day Innovator Academy.

Get FREE Innovator Resources.

FREE eBook: The Guide to Google Certifications

We’ve barely scratched the surface! Learn all about the certification options and requirements from my FREE ebook: The Guide to Google Certifications.

Get Google Certified This Summer (Video Overview)

YouTube video

Google Certification Courses from Shake Up Learning

The Google for Education Training Center is great, but it doesn’t meet every learner’s needs. If you want more help, video-based tutorials, exam tips, and tons of other resources check out the Shake Up Learning courses.

These courses (Level 1, Level 2, and Trainer) are open for limited enrollment until June 10, 2018, at midnight CST. (They will not open again until November!)

Just in time for some summer learning!!!

Click here to LEARN MORE about the Google Certification Courses. (Each course page will give you access to free videos, details about the course, an outline of the curriculum, and FAQ.)

Online Google Boot Camps–BUT BETTER!

Consider these courses your online Google Boot Camps, only better.

When you attend a face-to-face course, it’s one-and-done. You don’t absorb everything, and sometimes it’s just too overwhelming to cram it all into 1-2 days!

With these online, self-paced, courses you move at your own speed and learn when it is convenient for you. No due dates other than the ones you set for yourself.

All Google Certification Course Open on May 28th!

Pricing & Bundles

Below are the prices for individual licenses for each course.

But Wait…There’s More!

Opening all of these courses at once also gives you another advantage–bundling! If you want to purchase multiple courses at once, you can save BIG TIME!

I’m also introducing some new bulk licensing options, so you can find more affordable ways to meet the needs of your campus or district.

Here’s how it works:

Enrollment Closes on June 10th!

Don’t miss this opportunity! Enrollment is only open until June 10, 2018 (midnight CST).

Don’t worry! That’s just to get enrolled. Once you are in, you have access for the life of the course, which is guaranteed at a minimum of one year from the date of purchase.

Have Questions?

Send your questions to Kasey via Twitter (@ShakeUpLearning), or use this contact form.

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