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Breakout EDU – Gamify Your Classroom

breakout edu
Breakout EDU – Gamify Your Classroom

breakout edu

Try Out Breakout EDU

BreakoutEDU is all things that I am into.

  • Collaboration
  • Gamification
  • Critical Thinking
  • Communicating
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Context
  • Reflection
  • Student Engagement

For #worksheetLESSwednesdays try doing a Breakout EDU with your students!

Discount Code

Create an account at platform.breakoutedu.com/signup. You can get started by purchasing a kit at store.breakoutedu.com.

Discount code: keeler25

Students are challenged to work collaboratively to open a locked box in the classroom. Around the room, clues and puzzles are setup where they have to use the 4 C’s to come up with solutions and try it against one of the locks on the lockbox.

Instead of learning content by doing a worksheet, the room in transformed to where they are immersed in a creative learning environment where they learn content in a fun engaging fashion. Learning by doing, rather than learning by rote task monotony.

These challenges typically take about 45 minutes to solve and there’s a reflection activity at the end.

Each game has a different agenda or theme to it, and there are multiple games for all subjects and all grades.

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