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Resize the Google Drawing Canvas

Resize a Google Drawing

The default size of a Google drawing is 960 x 720 pixels (10″ by 7.5″). There are many reasons to need a different sized canvas. For example, when creating an image for Twitter the image needs to be 400 x 200 pixels. When I want to create badges I will use 500 x 500 pixels. (FYI: A pixel is a unit of measurement for the computer. It’s one little dot on your screen.)
Page Setup

File Menu

To resize the drawing canvas use the File menu and choose “Page setup.”
File page setup


Change from the default of Standard 4:3 to “Custom.”
Choose Custom


You do not have to use the units of Pixels, but I like to.
Pixels over inches

Trick to Resize

If you resize the canvas after you already have items on the canvas they elements will get stretched to the new ratio. No bueno. The trick is to use Control A (select all) and Control X (Cut). This will copy the elements to your clipboard. Then use the File menu and choose “Page setup.” After resizing, use Control V to paste the elements back.

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