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Google Slides: Add Your Webcam

webcam in google slides
Google Slides: Add Your Webcam

webcam in google slides

Record Your Face Into Google Slides

When creating Google Slides for instructional purposes consider including a short video from your webcam explaining what is on the slide.

Webcam Record Chrome Extension

Click Here to Install the Webcam Record Chrome extension

Install the Alice Keeler Webcam Record Chrome extension. This allows you to record 30 seconds of video from your webcam. The video is automatically saved to Google Drive and then the link to the video is saved to your clipboard automatically.
Webcam Record

Change Sharing Permissions

By default anything you create in Google Drive is private. The videos from the Webcam Record are saved into a WebCam Record folder in Google Drive. One time only, change the sharing permissions on the folder to “Anyone can view.”

Click Chrome Extension

Click on the icon in the extension shelf to start the webcam recording. A window will pop up to record you for up to 30 seconds. When you click finish, or run out of time, the video is in Google Drive. You may want to wait a minute to let it render.

Webcam Recording

Google Slides

A relatively new feature is the ability to add video to Google Slides from Google Drive. Since the webcam video is saved to Google Drive it is wicked easy to insert the video into Google Slides. Use the Insert menu and choose “Video.”
Insert Video

Choose “Google Drive” from the options along the top.
Choose Google Drive along the top

You recently made the webcam recording, it should show up at the top. If it is still a video symbol and not a thumbnail of your video recording it has not rendered yet. You can still stick it into the Google Slides but you may want to wait a few seconds for it to render.
Select the webcam video

It’s that easy!

Webcam in Google Slides

webcam in google slides


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    1. Chrome extensions do not work on an iPad. Mobile devices have a camera built in and the pictures save to the camera roll. Simply add the pictures from the camera roll. You can also add pictures directly to slides using your mobile camera.

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