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You Need a Fundraiser: Try the Table Talk Fundraiser

table talk math fundraiser
You Need a Fundraiser: Try the Table Talk Fundraiser

TableTalk Fund Raiser

Have a Table Talk Math Fundraiser

You work at a school. It goes without saying that you need a fundraiser. Table Talk Math is a book for PARENTS to help them have meaningful conversations with their kids. Most parents want to help support their children to love math, this book is a great resource to help them do that.

Earn $5 per Book

Sell the books at $20 each, your school earns $5.

No Upfront Expense

Risk-free. No requirement to purchase books in advance. No shipping costs. It’s simple, use an order form and determine how many books you are selling.

Contact John Stevens stevens009@gmail.com

Free Table Talk Math Website

In addition to the book, parents can sign up for the free Table Talk Math newsletter. This delivers ideas and prompts for parents having math discussions with their kids.


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