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50 Things to Go Further with Google Classroom – A Student Centered Approach

50 Things to Go Further with Google Classroom
50 Things to Go Further with Google Classroom – A Student Centered Approach

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50 Things to Go Further with Google Classroom: A Student-Centered Approach

Libbi Miller and I are excited to announce the follow up to our best selling book “50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom.” Our new book “50 Things to Go Further with Google Classroom: A Student-Centered Approach” helps you to go beyond the basics and use Google Classroom to transform instruction. Technology offers the opportunity to switch from a teacher-centered model of instruction to a student-centered model. In our book, we provide suggestions for how to use Google Classroom to get started with a student-centered classroom.

Lisa Highfill (@lisahighfill), author of the book “The Hyperdoc Handbook,” provides the foreword. Catlin Tucker (@catlin_tucker), author of the book “Blended Learning in Grades 4-12” and “Creatively Teach the Common Core Literacy Standards With Technology: Grades 6-12,” provides the voice of the teacher for the impact of a student-centered classroom. Students share the impact a student-centered model has had on their learning.

Go Further

Included with each of the 50 Things is a tip or resource to go further. This book is chock full of extras to help you hit the ground running. Templates, resources, and specific ideas to use in your classroom tomorrow.

50 Things

1. Always Start with Google Classroom
2. Use Google Classroom with a Website or LMS
3. Number Your Assignments
4. Create Authentic Assignments
5. Collaboration is King
6. Provide Directions
7. Create a Directions Document
8. Differentiating Tasks
9. Update a Post
10. Ditch Worksheets
11. Stop Grading, Focus on Feedback
12. Grade with Rubrics
13. Side by Side Windows
14. Share to Classroom
15. Ask a Question
16. Connect with Other Students
17. Understand other Cultures
18. Share Student Ideas
19. Create Manipulatives with Google Drawing or Google Slides
20. Choose Tools Strategically
21. Collaborate using Google Slides
22. Provide Hyperdocs
23. The Classroom is a Community
24. Share Student Work
25. Peer Evaluation
26. Using the About Tab
27. Create a Daily Warm Up
28. Provide Links on the Fly
29. Share Solutions to Assignments
30. Submit Paper Assignments
31. Make Students Co-Teachers
32. Short Term Goal Setting
33. Experience Digital Literacy
34. Create Non-Rostered Classes
35. Use Animated GIF’s
36. Students Read Aloud
37. Students Responsible for Their Learning
38. Provide Challenges, Not Assignments
39. Feedback Workflows
40. Critique the Reasoning of Others
41. Student Portfolio
42. Students Share Their Learning
43. Move to the Top
44. Create Year Long Journals
45. Explain the Thought Process
46. Persevere in Problem Solving
47. Crowdsource Ideas, Facts, and Projects
48. Replace Homework with Engaging In-Class Activities
49. JigSaw Activities
50. Create a Student-Driven Classroom

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  1. Good Afternoon,
    We are doing a book study with this book starting at the end of the month. We are hoping to buy 20-30 copies of this book- do you offer discounts for buying in mass? If so, is there any place else to buy than through Amazon?
    Thank you

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