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4 Chrome Extensions September 2015

4 Chrome Extensions September 2015

4 Chrome Extensions Sept 2015

Here are another 4 Chrome extensions you and your students may find useful. For the list of my blog posts on Chrome extensions, click here.


Giphy Adding fun animated GIF’s to your Google Docs can be a great way to engage with students. Students can have fun adding animated images to their presentation to illustrate the points they are communicating. Click on the Giphy extension and type in a search term. Animated images will appear in the extension. DRAG the desired image directly into a Gmail message, Google Slides presentation or Google Doc. The image will appear and animate magically.

Click Here to add the Giphy Chrome extension.

Add to Classroom

Add to Classroom Teachers are able to use the Add to Classroom Chrome extension to easily add a weblink to a class as an assignment or an announcement. Students are able to submit a weblink directly to Google Classroom for an assignment. I recommend you click on the arrow next to the blue assign button and choose “Save draft.” The extension does not allow you to assign to multiple classes or add files. Saving as draft allows you to edit in Google Classroom and add files.
save as draft

Click Here to install the Add to Classroom Chrome extension.

EasyBib Tools

EasyBib Tools I am a fan of EasyBib. The Chrome extension makes it easy for me to take the website I am on and create a citation for it on the EasyBib website.

Click Here to install the EasyBib Tools Chrome extension.


ScanQR The ScanQR is not actually an extension, but rather a Chrome App. This allows students to use the webcam to scan QR codes.

Click Here to install the ScanQR Chrome app.

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