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Two Hashtags in the Same Tweetdeck Column

Two Hashtags in the Same Tweetdeck Column


In my attempt to keep up with the ISTE conference tweets I am using tweetdeck.com. A nice feature about Tweetdeck is the ability to keep track of multiple hashtags and tweeters. This year ISTE is breaking from the hashtag pattern of last year and adding an additional 2 characters. The official hashtag is #ISTE2014, however many tweeters are using the more succinct #ISTE14. Not wanting to miss what my PLN is sharing on the shorter hashtag I figured out you can modify the column in Tweetdeck to accommodate two hashtags.

Column Settings

At the top of each column in Tweetdeck is a symbol to edit the settings for that column.
column settings


The content option in the column settings defines the content that is shown in the column. In this case the hashtag #ISTE2014. Clicking on this option expands it out to make modifications.

Capital OR

To list multiple hashtags use the Boolean operator of “OR” in between the hashtags. Note that the OR must be in capital letters.
iste2014 or iste14

And now I have 2 hashtags in one column.

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