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Paperless Is Not a Pedagogy

Alice Keeler

Digital Immigrants Vs. Digital Natives

Digital Immigrants Vs. Digital Natives

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6 thoughts on “Digital Immigrants Vs. Digital Natives

  1. I’m going to show this to my teachers. I think that hearing this from another educator and technology expert may be a powerful learning experience for them. Thank you for putting this into such great context.

  2. Amen Alice! As a technology teach for over ten years I have noticed the same thing. Just because the kids use technology doesn’t mean they are an expert with technology.

    1. We can not be intimidated by the kids, we should partner with them. Yes SOME of the kids are wizards and they are our new best friends. But do not assume everyone is a wizard.

  3. I prefer the term “digital savages.” They are out there in the wild with minimal skills. We need to be survival guides and model good use and show the days the tech they have can benefit their lives.

  4. You are absolutely right. Our students do not know how to use electronic devices and ICT’s. First we have to know how to use them and then, share with them. We can help each other, for sure

    Take care,

    Manel (from Barcelona, Europe)

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