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Stop Copying and Pasting Messages on Facebook

Educate Yourself and Don’t Share Fake News Recently, Lisa Nielson shared a public service announcement on Facebook. She asked that you not share, or repost, information that you have not verified as being true and/or information that is not from a verified source. Sign of the Times? This is the current reality, adults copying and pasting a message claiming their… Read More »Stop Copying and Pasting Messages on Facebook

Creating Customizable ELA Units for Free Using by @bartonkeeler

  • erin 

Customized English/Language Arts Units with A Guest Post by Barton Keeler So I have two daughters (grades 7 and 9) who are homeschooled by my wife who has a variety of other Independent Study students on her caseload.  She, my wife, is tasked with the responsibility of creating high level, individualized lesson plans for ALL STUDENTS in ALL SUBJECT… Read More »Creating Customizable ELA Units for Free Using by @bartonkeeler

what is going on in this graph analyze graphs new york times

What Is Going On In This Graph from the NY Times

Have Students Analyze A Graph The New York Times is putting out an amazing resource for teachers. Every week they are posting a graphic and asking students to determine what information the graph is providing. What an excellent way to have students use real data, to analyze over memorize, and engage in class discussion. Link to What’s Going On in… Read More »What Is Going On In This Graph from the NY Times

Moving from Inquiry to Creativity

  • erin 

Helping Students Make the Leap from Inquiry to Creativity Guest Post: Dr. Nathan Lang-Raad is a speaker and author (Everyday Instructional Coaching: 7 Daily Drivers to support Teacher Effectiveness). He is the Chief Education Officer at WeVideo and is a former teacher, vice principal, professor, district curriculum and instruction director, and education supervisor at NASA. Follow him on Twitter (@drlangraad).… Read More »Moving from Inquiry to Creativity

5 EdTech Tools to Try

The tool does not increase student engagement or increase student learning. How the teacher uses the tool and designs the learning environment makes the difference. Try something new with these 5 tools!! 1) Bloomz App: A parent communication tool. Install this app on your mobile device to share pictures from class, post announcements, sign up parents for meetings, volunteer sign… Read More »5 EdTech Tools to Try

Download a QR reader

What is a QR code? Surprisingly many people still are unsure and don’t use them. A July 2011 article said 35% of Americans own a smartphone and I am guessing that after this last Christmas season that number just got significantly higher.  As a high school teacher in an inner city school I am amazed how many of my students… Read More »Download a QR reader