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Promethean Tip of the Day

When you open a pre-made flipchart go file->save as and put the date on the end of the file name so that you do not accidentally write on the original and have a surprise waiting for you when you open the file (yes, that is what happened to me today…lots of annotation clearing as I try to teach).

Using a Promethean Board

I know some educators are not fans of the IWB. It is a tool, it is not a magic weapon, but here are my reasons why I like my Promethean board. Cheap graph paper.  Those chart paper sheets are expensive… how do I hang them up? With my promethean board I have graph paper with a single click… and as… Read More »Using a Promethean Board

Using clickers

I have a set of Promethean Expressions and what I love about using clickers is getting that instant data that students are or are not getting the lesson, and this drives my instruction.  The Promethean clickers let me know more than just multiple choice so that information is particularly valuable. Today though I realized one more benefit to the clickers… Read More »Using clickers

Making a Quick Flip Chart

In Word create your document in LANDSCAPE mode. Make the font size LARGE Use insert->page break often.  Each page is a page on your flipchart, thus create a page break after each set of directions or examples. If you have a quiz or exam view export just go in and put page breaTeacher Techks after each question. If you are… Read More »Making a Quick Flip Chart