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No Video, No Problem: Flipgrid Has the Answer

Flipgrid Without Video “I don’t want to show my face!” Is something educators hear when they challenge their students to make videos and demonstrate their learning and thinking.  Not all students or educators feel comfortable having their FACE be the main focus of a video. Sometimes we have a bad hair day, don’t wear make-up or we just don’t feel… Read More »No Video, No Problem: Flipgrid Has the Answer

Awesome Assessment with Flipgrid

Flipgrid has added some amazing new features! I am most excited about the new split screen option when recording a response. Video Assessment As a math teacher, show your work is obsolete. Photomath will do that! I want “Show your thinking.” “Demonstrate mathematical reasoning.” “Explain your answer.” I can use Flipgrid to assess students understanding of a concept and hear… Read More »Awesome Assessment with Flipgrid