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Workshop: Learn to Code with ChatGPT

Quickly! Take advantage of ChatGPT to learn how to code Google Workspace with Google Apps Script. Google Developer Expert Alice Keeler will teach you how to go from zero to intermediate user in 6 weeks. Space is limited. Register now.
Workshop: Learn to Code with ChatGPT

Have you ever wanted to learn how to code Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc…? As a teacher you have a unique need to do tasks repetitively. Code should help you to do these tasks more efficiently. Have you ever wondered “Why can’t Google do this…?” This is what Google Apps Script can help you with. Check out some of my Add-ons I have created for Google Workspace Apps to see how I have created additional functionality. One of my favorite ways to add functionality to Google Workspace Apps is to smash them together. My Doc to Slides Add-on will take your paragraphs in a Google Doc and magically turn it into a Google Slides presentation. Would you like to learn how to code but feel that the learning curve to start creating projects is too high? This workshop with Google Developer Expert Alice Keeler is for you! Learn to code with ChatGPT. Join Alice for a 6 week interactive workshop to take you from zero to intermediate coder.

Register: Space is Limited

This workshop runs from April 2nd to May 20th. (Note: there is a break the week of May 7th). Space is limited to 20 participants.

Registration also includes an AliceKeeler Membership for the 2023-2024 school year (expires June 2024). A $249 value.

Live Sessions 10am PST

In addition to asynchronous instruction and tasks you are invited to join Saturdays at 10am. In these sessions we will try coding projects using ChatGPT and troubleshooting the output. If you are unable to participate live you will have access to the recording afterwards.

April 8th
April 15th
April 22nd
April 29th
May 6th
NOTE NO LIVE CLASS MAY 13th (my son is graduating from high school)
May 20th

Debugging Google Apps Script & ChatGPT

Please be aware that joining this workshop is about teaching you about Google Apps by using the power of ChatGPT to help you leapfrog over beginner to intermediate coder in 6 short weeks. ChatGPT will most likely provide code that does not work. You will need to troubleshoot and debug the code to make it work. There will be times that you are not able to figure out how to adapt the ChatGPT code to accomplish your project idea. It is recommended to start with basic coding project applications until your coding skills are practiced enough to be able to tackle more advanced topics.

This workshop does NOT Debug for you.

Unfortunately this workshop is unable to do any debugging for you. If your code is not working this workshop is designed to give you skills for having a basic understanding of Google Apps Script and JavaScript to help you to be able to address your errors in the code. Alice is unable to individually review your code to determine why your code is not working. During the live sessions you will learn debugging strategies that you can utilize in your own projects.


Week 1April 2, 2023Introduction to ChatGPT and Google Apps Script
Week 2April 9, 2023Creating a Sidebar and Menus for Your Coding Project
Week 3April 16, 2023Managing Arrays (lists) From Google Sheets
Week 4April 23, 2023Coding Google Slides for Teachers
Week 5April 30, 2023Coding Google Calendar for Teachers
Week 6May 14, 2023Coding Google Forms for Teachers

Course Outline

Week 1: Introduction to ChatGPT and Google Apps Script

  • Introduction to the course, ChatGPT, and Google Workspace tools (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, etc.)
  • Basics of Google Apps Script: purpose, functionality, and benefits for teachers
  • Setting up the Google Apps Script development environment
  • Introduction to JavaScript: variables, data types, basic syntax, control structures (loops, conditional statements)
  • Using ChatGPT for coding assistance: finding code examples, solving coding problems, and generating code snippets
  • Homework: Explore Google Workspace tools and brainstorm potential classroom applications

Week 2: Creating a Sidebar and Menus for Your Coding Project

  • Understanding the Google Apps Script UI and custom menus
  • Creating a custom sidebar with HTML and CSS
  • Integrating the sidebar with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides
  • Using ChatGPT to generate code snippets for UI elements
  • Homework: Design a custom sidebar and menu for a classroom-related project

Week 3: Managing Arrays (lists) From Google Sheets

  • Introduction to arrays and their importance in managing data
  • Accessing and manipulating data in Google Sheets using arrays
  • Common array operations: sorting, filtering, and searching
  • Using ChatGPT to generate code snippets for array operations
  • Homework: Create a script to manage classroom data in Google Sheets using arrays

Week 4: Coding Google Slides for Teachers

  • Overview of Google Slides API and functionality
  • Creating, editing, and formatting slides using Apps Script
  • Automating slide generation from Google Sheets data
  • Using ChatGPT to generate code snippets for Google Slides operations
  • Homework: Develop a script to automate Google Slides presentations for classroom use

Week 5: Coding Google Calendar for Teachers

  • Introduction to Google Calendar API and services
  • Creating, updating, and managing events using Apps Script
  • Automating appointment scheduling and reminders
  • Using ChatGPT to generate code snippets for Google Calendar operations
  • Homework: Create a script to automate Google Calendar tasks for classroom management

Week 6: Coding Google Forms for Teachers

  • Overview of Google Forms API and functionality
  • Creating, editing, and managing forms using Apps Script
  • Automating form generation, data collection, and analysis
  • Using ChatGPT to generate code snippets for Google Forms operations
  • Homework: Develop a script to enhance Google Forms usage in the classroom
  • Course wrap-up: how to continue using ChatGPT for coding and learning support
  • Certificate of completion for participants

Who is Alice Keeler

Alice Keeler is a renowned Google Developer Expert for Google Workspace and a Google Certified Innovator with years of experience in educational technology. As the instructor of this workshop, Alice brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for helping teachers enhance their classroom experience through innovative tools and techniques.

Alice has a strong background in teaching and educational technology, which has enabled her to understand the unique challenges teachers face in today’s dynamic educational landscape. Her expertise in Google Workspace, combined with her innovative and creative approach to instruction, has made her a sought-after consultant, speaker, and trainer in the field of educational technology.

As an author, Alice has written several books on the subject of technology integration in the classroom, sharing her insights and practical tips with educators around the globe. In addition to her written work, Alice is a prolific blogger and social media influencer, consistently sharing valuable resources and thought leadership on best practices in edtech.

In this workshop, Alice’s engaging teaching style and deep understanding of Google Apps Script and ChatGPT will provide participants with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to unlock the full potential of Google Workspace for their classrooms. Participants can expect a hands-on, interactive experience that will leave them inspired and equipped to transform their teaching practice through the power of technology.

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