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DISABLE – Turn Off Save Form Progress

Turn OFF the default autosave feature in Google Forms.
DISABLE – Turn Off Save Form Progress

An exciting new feature in Google Forms is that it will automatically save your progress. This is a game changer for when a student is working on an assessment and the bell rings before they are done. But what if you do NOT want to have this feature? You do not want students to be able to pull up the answers they put into their Google Form first period to show a student in 2nd period?

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On By Default

By default the feature to save progress is turned on for all of your Forms. There is nothing you need to do. Any Form a student is filling out will be saving as they go. This saves to the students profile. This does NOT allow you the teacher to see their unsubmitted responses. Students must submit for there to be a record that they filled out the Form.

Turn Off Save Progress

Go into the settings cog (Control E for a keyboard shortcut) and click on the Presentation tab. Notice by default the “Disable autosave for all respondents” is not checked.

Check the checkbox and click save to disable autosave. Essentially this removes the new feature and makes Google Forms just like it was before the update.

What About Previous Google Forms

Autosave records progress by default in all Google Forms. Not just future ones you assign. Let’s say you have a blog post from 5 years ago with a Google Form embedded that you do NOT want progress saved on. You will need to locate the Form and go to the settings cog and checkbox disable. You can not do this in mass. You will need to do this one Form at a time. Obviously Google thinks of course everyone would want this feature.


Go to forms.google.com and review a list of your Google Forms. Are any of these ones you do not want to have autosave enabled? Be sure to edit the settings on those Forms.

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2 thoughts on “DISABLE – Turn Off Save Form Progress

  1. I have tried what you suggest, but the message about signing in in order to save progress persists. As it is immediately above the line *Required (in red) it seems important to my users. I suspect that the *Required (in red) is merely a reminder that questions for which an answer is required will have a red asterisk beside them, but it is easy to confuse or worry my respondents!

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