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PDF to Google Forms – Upgrade Your Worksheet

Turn a PDF into a Google Form
PDF to Google Forms – Upgrade Your Worksheet

Converting your worksheets to Google Forms goes beyond being paperless. Google Forms allows you to collect data from your worksheet, see all responses in one place, review summaries of responses, provide more specific feedback, and reduces your digital paperwork!

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Automagical Forms

Automagical Forms is an Add-on for Google Drive that will convert your PDF, Word Doc, or Google Doc to a Google Form. Note that at this time it does not convert math symbols.

Upload to Google Drive

Automagical Forms is an Add-on for Google Drive so you want to upload your file into Google Drive.

Single Click

Single on the PDF or document. After you have installed the Automagical Forms Add-on you will see it in the side toolbar. It looks like a purple unicorn.


Select the “Automagically” button.

Review Form

The questions that were read from the Add-on will preview at the bottom of the side panel. Scroll down to review what was imported. Deselect the checkboxes of what you do NOT want to import.

Be sure to click on the tiny arrow to expand and see more questions.

Create Form

Click on “Create Form” once you’ve reviewed the questions you want to import.

If you UNCHECKED some of the questions use the “Custom Form” button at the bottom of the question list. The “Create Form” button adds ALL the questions regardless of checkboxes.

Click to OPEN FORM once the Form has been created. It will open in a new tab.

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