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Jamboard ‚Äď Version History and Sticky Note Shortcuts

I was playing around in Google Jamboard (jam.new) trying out random keyboard combinations to see what keyboard shortcuts exist besides Control V for paste. I found the ability to add a new sticky note and to view the version history.

New Sticky Note

Control Alt Shift P

The shortcut to start a new sticky note in Jamboard is the keyboard combination of Control+Alt+Shift+P.

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Version History

Control Alt Shift H

Did you know in Google Docs you can use the keyboard shortcut Control Alt Shift H to find version history? Now the SAME keyboard shortcut works in Jamboard.

Version History Sidebar

After using the keyboard shortcut Control Alt Shift H in Jamboard you will see the familiar version history sidebar. This shows the different versions that were automatically created around edits to the Jam.

If multiple collaborators have edited the Jam you will see a different color dot in the sidebar.

Who Made the Edit?

Unlike Google Docs, you can NOT tell who made what edit.

In Google Docs when you click on a version in the sidebar the document is color coded to indicate who made what edit. This is NOT a feature in Google Jamboard. The version shows you what the Jam looked like at a certain point in time but not which collaborator did what.

Name the Version

Hover over the version in the sidebar and click on the 3 dots ‚Äúmore options‚ÄĚ menu. This will reveal the option to ‚ÄúName this version.‚ÄĚ

Name the Template

Before sharing a Jam with students to collaborate on, choose ‚ÄúName this version‚ÄĚ and name the version Template. This will make it easy to revert your Jam back to it‚Äôs ‚Äúpristine‚ÄĚ condition to reuse for next year by using the version history shortcut in Jamboard.

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