John McGowan is a GENIUS!!!! He is the inventor of g(Math) Add-on (which is now EquatIO), and he recently released Automagical Forms that turns your PDF worksheets into a Google Form. He has now coded adding voice typing to Google Slides and made it FREE!!! John is a former math teacher and he knows how important this feature is to teachers, especially teachers of younger children.

Slides Translator

Slides Translator allows students to take text from the slide and translate it to their native language. A new hidden feature of Slides Translator is VOICE TYPING!

After installing Slides Translator, go to the Add-on menu and choose “Slides translator” and then it gives you the option to use voice typing in the sidebar or as a floating toolbar. Click on the textbox you want to voice type in, click on the mic icon in Slides Translator. When you pause… it turns your voice into text. LIKE MAGIC!!!

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