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Google Forms Retakes

Google Forms Retakes

How to Manage Retesting in Google Forms

One of the issues with using a Google Form for testing is that it is the exact same test when you retest. You can set the questions to shuffle and the answer choices to shuffle… but still the same questions.

Step 1: Create a Big Form

Create your question bank of questions in one Google Form. What is the alternative question if there was a retest?

Tip: Create each “question” in it’s own section so you can have 2+ of the similar question that you will swap out in other versions.

Step 2: Create a New Form

Create a new Form. Set the settings to shuffle the questions if you desire and set the confirmation message up.

Use the 3 dots in the upper right to make a copy. Make another copy. Make another copy.

Now you have 4 Google Forms with the same settings. These will be your 4 versions of the quiz.

Step 3: Import Questions

In the floating toolbar is the option to “Import questions.”

Use the import question option to grab questions from the big Form to create your first version.

On the next Google Form, do the same thing. Create a new version based off of questions from the big Form.

Repeat. Repeat.

Step 4: Responses to Spreadsheet

For each of the Forms you created, click on the Responses tab and click the spreadsheet icon.

Switch from the default choice of create a new spreadsheet to “Select existing spreadsheet.”

Send all 4 versions of the Google Form to the SAME SPREADSHEET. Notice the spreadsheet you choose to send the form responses to will say “Form Responses 1” and “Form Responses 2” and “Form Responses 3” etc…

Note: you can NOT have all the responses go to the same tab. Each versions results will go to the same spreadsheet but have it’s own tab. This makes it easier to see if students have retaken and to track when a student has passed.

Jen Roberts Tip

@jenroberts1 creates a section on the Google Form for validating that the student should take the retake. She puts a single question in the first section of the Google Form. Require the question and click on the 3 dots to choose “Response validation.” Choose to have the “Text” “Contains” and then put the password you want. This way students can not progress to the next section unless they enter the retake password.

3 thoughts on “Google Forms Retakes”

  1. This is all well and fine but when you provide students with a large window of opportunity to retake a quiz after they’ve seen their score and incorrect answers, the teacher must continually return to the spreadsheet to see the new scores as they don’t automatically populate Google Classroom grades nor can they be imported manually. If I’m missing something here, I’m all ears but it seems like the program code has a glitch.

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