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Check Out the Google Slides Yearbook Online Course with @jentechnology

Google Slides Yearbook Online Course
Check Out the Google Slides Yearbook Online Course with @jentechnology

Google Slides Yearbook Online Course

Learn How to Make Your School Yearbook in Google Slides

A Guest Blog Post by Jennifer Scott, @jentechnology

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The Problem with Traditional Yearbooks

Are your school hallways plastered with posters screaming “BUY YOUR YEARBOOK”? Take a closer look at the price on that poster . . . . Are your students paying $40? $75? $100? More? How many yearbooks did your students buy last year?

Our junior high sold 235 yearbooks for $10 each in Spring 2018.

The district office printed the 120-page softbound yearbook.

Our students designed professional quality yearbooks in . . .

drum roll please . . .

Create Yearbooks using GSuite

In January 2017, I wrote a guest blog post for Alice Keeler called Create a Yearbook Using GSuite. Then in July 2018, I wrote a second guest blog post called Graphic Design in Google Slides. Both of these posts promote students as creators and graphic designers. Our schools do not need expensive software or costly companies when we have Google Slides, Photos, Sheets, Docs and Classroom!


When you visit SlidesYearbook.com, you will find step-by-step directions starting with Photography, Google Slides, Yearbook, and Publishing. Subpages include lessons on color combinations, font choice, and design tools in Google Slides. Forget the yearbook! You can use this website to teach your students how to create compelling presentations, magazines, infographics, comics, and more!

But what if you want something a little extra?????

What if you want:

Video tutorials with Pause & Practice moments?

A community to share ideas and original designs?

To earn college credit?

Then sign up for the EdTechTeam Online:

Google Slides Yearbook Course

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While the SlidesYearbook.com website is free to everyone, those who take the EdTechTeam Online course will receive:

  • Individual attention
  • The opportunity to earn 3 graduate credits
  • 27 lessons that take you through yearbook creation & publishing process
  • 22 video tutorials with Pause & Practice sections

Yearbooks do not need to be expensive. Those $40-$100 yearbooks advertised on school walls are unnecessary when your students can create their memory books in Google Slides and print them through their district or a self-publishing company. You do not need any fancy software or costly companies. You don’t even need my online class. You just need GSuite.

However, should you want to take the class, here is a preview of what you will experience:

YouTube video

Make It Stick – Ditch Ineffective Learning Practices

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