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Chrome Extension: SlideShot for Google Slides

Chrome Extension: SlideShot for Google Slides

Chrome Extension: SlideShot for Google Slides

I have taught 1:1 pretty much my entire teaching career. One thing I have asked students to do is to take screenshots as they complete work to show the progress of their work. This makes it easier to go back and work with a student when we can see where they have been.


My Chrome extension SlideShot automatically takes a screenshot every minute and saves the screenshot to Google Drive. After selecting “Finish” on the extension, the screenshots are automatically pushed to a Google Slides presentation. Students can submit the Slides through Google Classroom or other classroom procedures for submitting Google Docs.

Click Here to install SlideShot Chrome Extension.

SlideShot Chrome Extension

“Revision History”

When students use Google Docs we can utilize revision history to see a student’s progress over a period of time. However, when using non-Google tools it can be more challenging. Since SlideShot uploads the screenshots to Google Slides, not only is student progress through a task visible, you are able to insert feedback comments to students.

Explain Your Thinking

To move away from students “doing” tasks to “explaining their thinking” students can utilize SlideShot. The slides are editable and students can add text boxes to the slides. One of the 4 C’s for 21st Century learning is to “Clearly Communicate Ideas.” I am a fan of using Google Slides to accomplish this. The visuals automatically created by SlideShot can help students to more clearly communicate.
Explain thinking

Using SlideShot

After installing SlideShot the icon is added to the extension shelf to the right of the Omnibox.
SlideShot extension

Click on the extension and choose “Start.”
Start SlideShot

Automatically screenshots are captured every minute. A folder in Google Drive named “SlideShot” is created. The screenshots are saved to this folder.
SlideShot folder in Google Drive

Choosing “Finish,” the screenshots are automatically pulled into a Google Slides presentation.
Choose finish in SlideShot

Recent in Google Drive

To locate the created Slides I recommend you use “Recent” on the left hand side of Google Drive. The Slides are created in the SlideShot folder in Google Drive, however, it will be faster to locate under “Recent.” The Slides are fully editable. I recommend students rename the file and add text boxes to explain their thinking.
SlideShot under Recent in Google Drive

Google Classroom

Students can submit the SlideShot created Google Slides in Google Classroom by clicking on “Add” and choosing “Google Drive.”
add button in google classroom and choose google drive


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