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Google Math: Animate Your Math with Google Slides

Animate your math
Google Math: Animate Your Math with Google Slides

Link to animation
Link to sample student Google Slides

Teach Math with Google Apps

What does teaching math in an age of Google Apps look like? One way is to use Google Slides to teach math. Slides presentations are basically unlimited blank sheets, what can you not do with Google Slides? Move away from math worksheets and have students use Google Slides to demonstrate math concepts.

Animate Math Concepts

To animate concepts in Google Slides students need to duplicate a slide that has digital manipulatives on it. Move the digital manipulatives just a little and then duplicate the slide again. View this Slides to see how the animation took 25 slides to create.

Tips for Drawing

shift key
The shift key becomes your best friend when drawing in Google Slides. Hold down the shift key:

  • to draw a perfect circle.
  • while pressing the arrow keys to nudge a shape into place.
  • to draw straight lines.
  • to rotate shapes in 15˚ increments.
  • to select multiple shapes at once.

control shift up arrow
Control Shift Up Arrow brings a shape to the top. Control Shift Down Arrow brings a shape to the bottom.

If you set the formatting properties on a shape and then create a new shape while the other shape is selected, the new shape will take on the same formatting properties. In other words, if I draw a circle that is blue with a purple border. Have the circle selected and then draw a triangle, the triangle will be blue with a purple border.
formatting in google slides


The filmstrip is the slide tiles on the left side of Google Slides. To duplicate a slide click on a slide tile and use Control D.
Control D

Select slide tile in Google Slides

Animate Your Math

To create the animation effect the Google Slides have to be published to the web. Use the File menu and choose “Publish to the web.”
publish to the web

Check the two checkboxes to start the slideshow automatically and to restart (loop).
check check boxes

Copy the published link.

Too Slow

Notice the slides are advancing one every 3 seconds. This is way too slow for an animation. Use the Slides URL to adjust the timing.


Notice in the published URL that the delayms=3000. (3 THOUSAND). Cut off a zero and make that 300 (3 HUNDRED). This will advance the slides faster.



1 thought on “Google Math: Animate Your Math with Google Slides

  1. This is a great idea. I used to do this all the time in Powerpoint to create quick and easy animations for chemistry lectures (back when I used to lecture).

    Next step: When the kids begin to complain about how boring and repetitive it is to duplicate and move slides, agree with them, then teach them to animate using Glowscript or Skratch or something similar and sneak some “learn to code” into your curriculum.

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