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Google Drive Level Up Challenge

Google Drive Level Up Challenge

Part of my lesson for this week is to introduce my students to Google Drive. Some of the students are adept at tech skills and others struggle with highlighting text. To help differentiate for the variety of Google Drive knowledge, I created a challenge list the students can choose from. The students choose the challenges on the list they wish to try. Marking off the challenge with an X gives them a “badge” or digital sticker and levels them up. Students can choose the combinations of challenges that gets them to at least level 10. I attached the challenge sheet in Google Classroom as “Make a copy for each student.” Each student has their own copy of the challenge sheet and turns in the spreadsheet when they are done.




Make a copy of the challenge sheet. Read through the list of challenges. Mark with an X in column A the challenges you already know how to do! The challenges are labeled with a difficulty level from 1 to 5. Google drive challenge sheet

In column I is a link to directions for that challenge. Since the spreadsheet is in edit mode, clicking on “Click Here” reveals the URL above or below that you will need to click on.

Mark with an X

After completing a challenge, place an X in column A. This will level you up.

Badge Page

At the bottom of the spreadsheet is a tab to view all of the badges at once. Click on the “Badge Display” tab to view the badges. Badge Display

Badge Display

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