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Game Based Learning: Google Slides Coordinate Plane Battleship

Game Based Learning: Google Slides Coordinate Plane Battleship

Google Slides is an awesome tool for creating activity spaces. One of my favorite things about Google Slides is the ability to transform it from being a presentation tool to a collaboration or work space.

One use for Google Slides is to create a game environment. Games can provide a context for a students learning, or simply be a fun way to practice. Playing a game such as “Jeopardy” is an example of gamification. The game elements do not contribute to understanding of the learning concepts. As many teachers know, this is a fun way for students to practice. Game Based Learning is when the game itself supports the learning objectives. Both types of games can be created through Google Slides.

I used to play coordinate plane battleship with  my algebra students. I thought it would be fun to create a Google Slides version.

Learning Objective: Memorize quadrants on a coordinate plane. Place ordered pairs on a coordinate plane.

DOK level: 1




While one of the best features about Google Slides is collaboration, this template is intended to have each student have their own copy. Attach the template in Google Classroom as “Create a copy for each student.”

Student pair up; each having their own device. On slide 5 each student places their ships. The dots on the ships should align with the grid. Holding down shift while using the arrow keys allows the student to nudge the ship one pixel at a time to obtain precise placement. Right clicking on a ship and choosing to “Rotate” 90˚ allows for vertical ships.
Slide 5 battleship

battleship placing ships

Slide 6 is for the student to mark their guesses. Students guess by telling the other student both the coordinate and the quadrant. “three comma negative two in quadrant four.” Students drag a red hit circle or a blue miss circle to the coordinate point. If a ship is sunk, the student can drag one of the red rectangles to mark the sunken ship.
slide 6 battleship

Students will toggle back and forth between slide 5 and slide 6. Marking their own guesses and that of their partner.
battleship playing the game

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