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35 More Things You Can Do With Google Classroom

35 More Things You Can Do With Google Classroom
35 Ways to Use Google Classroom ISTE15

Back when I had only had a list of 35 ways to use Google Classroom I submitted a poster session proposal to ISTE. Since then the list has grown and you can now purchase “50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom” on Amazon. For my poster session I have come up with an additional 35 ways you can use Google Classroom. (I guess that brings me up to 85). Here is a YouTube playlist with a short description of those 35 additional ways to use Google Classroom.

  1. Create a Blended Classroom
  2. Organize Collaborative Files
  3. Distribute Handouts
  4. Digitally Collect Analog Work
  5. Share Solutions to Assignments
  6. Highlight Student Exemplars
  7. Provide Differentiation
  8. Response to Intervention (RTI)
  9. Stop Lecturing
  10. Stop Giving Directions
  11. Have a Student Centered Classroom
  12. Provide Feedback Faster
  13. Critique the Reasoning of Others
  14. Use Spreadsheets
  15. Collect Videos from Students
  16. Submit Individual Slides from a Collaborative Presentation
  17. Crowdsource Research
  18. Persevere in Problem Solving
  19. Annotate Images
  20. Use Tools Strategically
  21. Collaborate with Other Teachers
  22. Celebrate Success
  23. Create Draft Assignments
  24. Observe Other Teachers Classrooms
  25. Celebrate Student of the Week
  26. Create an Adventure
  27. Share Presentations
  28. Continue the Learning
  29. Provide Playsheets
  30. Answer Student Questions
  31. Post a Daily Warm-Up
  32. Increase Critical Thinking
  33. Create a Writing Journal
  34. Collaborate with Other Classes
  35. Teach Digital Citizenship
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