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QR Code Reader

QR Code Reader

Earlier I posted a blog about what a QR code is.  But how do you USE a QR code?  You will need a QR code reader.  When you use your QR code reader on your cell phone it should launch the webpage that the QR code is pointing to.  On my iPhone I use the Google Goggles app.  When doing a Google search you might notice a camera icon.  Google Goggles allows you to search by taking a picture of something.  You can take a picture of the Starbucks logo and it will take you to the Starbucks website, take a picture of a landmark to find more information on the landmark…  Click on the camera icon in your mobile Google search and take a picture of the QR code and the website will be launched.


If you want to snap QR codes from your webcam, you’ll have to install some software.

Here is a slideshare by Jason Seliskar on QR codes in the classroom


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