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Paperless Is Not a Pedagogy

Alice Keeler

Queen of Spreadsheets

GIF Image from Google Cloud NEXT of Alice Keeler as the Queen of Spreadsheets

Queen of Spreadsheets

Alice Keeler

Alice Keeler’s enthusiasm for Google Sheets is second to none, living by her credo,

“The answer is always a spreadsheet.”

She aims to ignite a similar passion for spreadsheets and data in YOU! As a Google Certified Innovator Educator, Math Teacher, Google Developer Expert for Google Workspace, and a Google Cloud Innovator Champion, Alice is highly equipped to guide you through the digital landscape.

Google Cloud Next '23—Developer Keynote

Alice Blogs at alicekeeler.com and you can find her Add-ons for Google Workspace at alicekeeler.com/codedbyalice

Alice Keeler - Paperless Is Not a Pedagogy

Students Prepare to Present

Help Your Students Prepare to Present

Maximize student success in presentations with ‘Speaker Notes by AliceKeeler,’ the ideal Google Slides add-on. Enhance how students prepare to present with easy transfer of speaker notes to Google Docs, promoting effective communication skills. Dive into the world of engaging, technology-aided presentations and empower students to shine in their academic endeavors. Discover the key to transforming student presentations into interactive, skill-building experiences.

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Infographic 7 Basic Steps for a Google Form

New to using Google Forms? This tool is essential for teachers to not only save time but to be adaptive to student needs. Use Forms to survey students, play games, personalize instruction, and assessment. This infographic on the 7 basic steps for a Google Form will help you get started.

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How to Add a Background on Google Docs

The age old question, how to add a background in google docs. For a long time this was not possible without hacks. Now you can easily add a background image to Google Docs and print it!

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Create Badges in Google Sheets

Wanting to gamify your class with badges? One option is to create badges in Google Sheets. Create a list of achievements and add a badge for each one.

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Classroom Jeopardy Template in FigJam

Check out this flexible use Classroom Jeopardy Template in FigJam. Make a copy and customize for your classroom content. Add tutorials and support resources for students to get extra help.

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