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The Key to Close Reading

The Key to Close Reading

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A Guest Post by Barton Keeler I am not an expert in close reading but have tried a variety of methods and approaches.  What I discovered is that when I have a great essential question everything goes well – kids are engaged, they’re diving deep and thinking creatively.  In fact, if my question is good enough I don’t need much… Read More »The Key to Close Reading

Homework did not prepare my daughter for college.

Homework Did NOT Prepare My Daughter for College! by @MarciaMentor

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Homework ≠ College Prep Guest Blog Post By Marcia Carrillo @MarciaMentor “I give homework to my students to prepare them for college” is a common statement made by teachers that I work with and throughout the country.  According to Bill Gates’ Blog, (cnbc.com) 2 million American students started college in the fall and “Based on the latest college completion trends, only… Read More »Homework Did NOT Prepare My Daughter for College! by @MarciaMentor

Working is learning

Who’s Doing the Learning?

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Are the Students Learning or Is the Teacher? A Guest Post by Erin Whalen I have had the privilege of hearing Alice speak several times now, and while I have learned a LOT from her, there is one particular phrase that has really made me stop and think about my own practices. It’s sort of a gut check; the type… Read More »Who’s Doing the Learning?

Moving from Inquiry to Creativity

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Helping Students Make the Leap from Inquiry to Creativity Guest Post: Dr. Nathan Lang-Raad is a speaker and author (Everyday Instructional Coaching: 7 Daily Drivers to support Teacher Effectiveness). He is the Chief Education Officer at WeVideo and is a former teacher, vice principal, professor, district curriculum and instruction director, and education supervisor at NASA. Follow him on Twitter (@drlangraad).… Read More »Moving from Inquiry to Creativity

Slapping it online is not better

Slapping it Online Does Not Make it Better

Improve Learning How does G Suite and Google Classroom make learning better? It does not if you are just doing the same old things, digitally. My kid is always complaining about the digital worksheets posted in Google Classroom. They were Word documents (you can still see the docx file extension) that have been converted to Google Docs. NOT MORE ENGAGING. Google… Read More »Slapping it Online Does Not Make it Better

Note Taking is DOK 0

Teaching in 2015 should not look like teaching in 1980. One shift we are looking at when doing modern lesson plans is the level of complexity of the tasks students are doing. Depth of Knowledge (DOK) refers to the level of critical thinking the STUDENT is doing. When looking at lesson plans and tasks it is important to consider the DOK… Read More »Note Taking is DOK 0

Chart of DOK for critical thinking

#DOKchat – DOK is Hard Let’s Talk About It

I have really enjoyed chatting with teachers on Twitter lately about DOK (Depth of Knowledge) levels. Part of what I teach in my college class to pre-service teachers is DOK levels. We have been tweeting out our learning objectives and discussing what DOK level it is. Sometimes it is really clear what the DOK level is. Learning Objective: Memorize math… Read More »#DOKchat – DOK is Hard Let’s Talk About It

DOK Levels – Students Critically Thinking

As we move to the Common Core there is a greater focus on Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (DOK) levels. The Common Core asks students to engage in higher levels of critical thinking, to research, cite and support their positions. Identifying the DOK level of tasks can be challenging. It can be easy to mistake “difficult” work for being a higher level… Read More »DOK Levels – Students Critically Thinking